BIO-met V5 Quickstart

Basic Remarks

System Requirements and Installation

BIO-met is post-processor tool for calculating Human Thermal Comfort Indices from ENVI-met model output files. The system requirements of the tool itself are comparably low, but it needs to have a working ENVI-met V5 environment around it.

Although it is possible to calculate most of the Thermal Comfort Indices joust out the atmosphere data, it is recommended to use a complete ENVI-met simulation output structure, at least with the atmosphere data and the input data stored in the \inputdata folder. If items from the user database or a project database are used, a complete project registration is helpful. If you use BIO-met on the same computer where you performed the main ENVI-met simulation, these settings should automatically be satisfied. If you copied data from a different PC, it is suggested to copy the complete output folder.

Using BIO-Met: Data Requirements

As mentioned before, BIO-met is a tool that calculates different human thermal comfort indices out of ENVI-met model files. To accomplish this task, it obviously needs some ENVI-met model outputs, more exactly: some ENVI-met atmospheric output files (_AT_) at minimum.

BIO-met summarizes the impact of the 4 main atmospheric variables: Air Temperature, Radiative Temperature, Wind Speed and Humidity on the human thermal sensation. The quality or the reliability of the final BIO-met results depends completely on the quality and reliability of the data files provided. In other words: If your simulation has created bad or unrealistic results, BIO-met will also give you bad and unrealistic outputs. There is nothing BIO-met can do about it- it is a problem of the simulation that has generated the files.

License Requirements

All BIO-met modules - except PMV- require a valid ENVI-met license to be installed on your PC. BIO-met uses the same license validation process as the ENVI-met core, so it needs a valid internet connection to work.

BIO-met is only available as a part of the ENVI-met package. No stand-alone licenses are available.

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