Download older ENVI-met Versions

This page is an archive page for older ENVI-met versions.

If you look for the recent download page: Follow this link.

Below you will find a list of old ENVI-met releases. Please note, that you need an active valid license key to run the simulations as the usage periode of the LITE versions is passed.

License Conditions

The license conditions depend on the version of ENVI-met you use. You need to agree to the exact and actual license conditions when installing ENVI-met. A general overview can be seen here: License Conditions

System Requirements

WINDOWS 10 64 Bit System. From Version 4.4.4, ENVI-met does not support 32 Bit Systems any more. ENVI-met might run in a virtualized environment, but calculate slower and will need non-standard settings.

Information BIO-met 2.0

Users with OLD BIO-met 1.x Keys (Permanent License) need to start BIO-met 1.5 from the Windows Start Menu NOT the BIO-met 2.0 linked in the Headquarter. If you have only purchased the perpetual BIO-met V1.X license and do not have the old EXE-file anymore, you can download it below.

ENVI-met Files

Again: These versions can only be run if you have a valid license key. There is no LITE version mode available.

Important: You must have or get full read/write access to the install folder during install, otherwise the software won't work After installation, normal user rights are sufficient.

V 5.5.1 Summer 23 Regular Release

File Link Release Comments
ENVI-met Version 5.5.1 (Summer of 23) Setup (EXE-File, 83 MB), June 2023 V 5.5.1

V 5.1.2 Compatibility Release

This is an extra version released Summer 2023 using the OLD simulation algorithms from V5.0 - V5.1. This release is mainly designed if old projects need to be continued using the same algorithms.

File Link Release Comments
ENVI-met Version 5.1.2 Setup (EXE-File, 83 MB), June 2023 V 5.1.2

V 4.6 Compatibility Release

File Link Release Comments
ENVI-met Version 4.6 (Summer of 21) Setup (EXE-File, 50 MB), June 2021 V 4.6

Old BIO-met V1.5 Files

File Link Release Comments
BIO-met V1.5 V1.5 Setup ( EXE-File, 5 MB) , 25th May 2020 EXE-File for the old perpetual licensing system
Release Notes

For a list of version history: Click here

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