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Below you will find the recent ENVI-met release. Usually, there will be one a major release in Autumn (around November) each year. The Autumn Release usually brings new features to the system while there are smaller updates and releases during the year dedicated to bugfixes (but this isn't a law…). Users of the LITE (Basic before) Version must update to the newest versions within one month. In addition, there will be “Hot Updates” available if required to those who can't wait for the next official release.

ENVI-met LITE is limited to domains of 50 x 50 grids.

System Requirements

Minimum WINDOWS 10 64 Bit System. ENVI-met does not support 32 Bit Systems or older WINDOWS versions any more.

Virtual Machines

ENVI-met might run in a virtualized environment, but calculate slower and will need non-standard settings. Click here for a list of supported WINDOWS Versions. Also, checking the licence by contacting to out server might need special attention.

Therefore, ENVI-met is not officially supported for virtual and/or cloud machines.

Upgrading to full BUSINESS/ SCIENCE Version

After you have installed the LITE version using the SETUP package found here, you can upgraded your installation from LITE to the BUSINESS/ SCIENCE/etc using your license key without re-installing. In fact, every ENVI-met license starts with downloading this basic package and then start the upgadae if you have a license key. For more information, please visit our web site: ENVI_MET Buy Now.

Already a user of the full version? Your key remains valid for all updates during the license time. If you install ENVI-met into the same folder like the previous version, your license will be updated automatically. If you install the new release into a different folder, please using your private key and proceed as described in Registration Instructions. Also see the notes in the download section below…

Installation remarks

Upgrading from an older version

You may upgrade an existing ENVI-met by installing the new version in the same folder as the old one. If the old version already uses the new license keys, no re-registration is required. You can also install the new version in a different folder and use different versions in parallel. In this case, a re-registration of your keys will be required. Also be aware of the double-clicks on files which will always open the last installed version of the associated app.

It is recommended to install ENVI-met V5 in a different folder than V4.

Getting Started and Registration Instructions

You need to do your fist steps with ENVI-met? Have a look at our Getting Started Document.

For a detailed instruction for the registration process, please have a look in our Installation Guides:

ENVI-met Files

Important: You must have or get full read/write access to the install folder during install, otherwise the software won't work After installation, normal user rights are sufficient.

File Link Release Date/Rem's
ENVI-met Setup.exe V 5.6.1 Recent Version V5.6.1, Winter 23 Setup (EXE-File, 145 MB), 04 Jan 2024
Release Notes

ENVI-met is an active software always following and setting standards in meteorological modelling. Therefore, it is inevitable that things change.

Here you will find a list of changes that happened to ENVI-met: Overview over changes in the recent release

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