Case Study: Painting LA Streets White

LA Model Area

L.A. model area to test the effect of white coated streets (552 m x 552 m).

In this case study, one of LA’s oldest neighborhoods, Angelino Heights, was simulated in order to analyze changes caused by different surface materials.

In order to understand long-term effects like underground heat storage, this simulation covers 6 days in June (18th to 23rd).

Download Model Files

Here you can download the two L.A. models, one with dark streets and the other with white coated streets plus the associated .SIMX files. This project also uses a Project Database which included in the download.

Link Content Comments Model Files (2 Area Input Files .INX plus Configuration .SIMX), Project Database Please extract into a folder in your workspace directory. → View File Reference

Download Sample Results

The model results below have been calculate using the full version of ENVI-met (BUSINESS/SCIENCE, V5.5.). The simulation time with an AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX with 32 cores, a maximum clock speed of 4.2 Hz and 128 GB of RAM is approximatly 372 hours. The outputs generated by the free LITE version contain much fewer data. This is a large dataset covering 6 simulated days.

There are always two sets of files, one for the base scenario with classic dark streets (“AsphaltRoad…”) and one with the white-coated streets (“WhiteStreets..”). To compare the two and analyse the effects of white coated streets, you need to download both sets and extract them to your disc.

Link Content Comments
Atmosphere Data (3D) Extract one or both to disc and View with LEONARDO
The atmosphere files only contain the last day of the 6 day simulation (18th June - 23th June).
Surface Data (2D) Extract one or both to disc and View with LEONARDO.
AsphaltRoad Solar
WhiteStreets Solar
Solar Access Data (2D at Ground, 3D at Facades) Extract one or both to disc and View with LEONARDO.
_SA_ files are 2D files, _SAFAC_ files must be loaded on the 3D Facade layer in LEONARDO.
BIO-met Data (3D) Contain PET values calculated with BIO-met.
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