Dynamic Thermal Comfort: NYC Columbus Circle

Test model 100 x 100 x20

NYC Columbus Circle and Central Park area with example walking route.

The Columbus Circle example is intended to be used with and to demonstrate the new Dynamic Thermal Comfort tool in BIO-met .

Download Model Files

The download contains the complete package for this example which is composed of:

  • The INX Area Input file including the routing points and the example route through Central Park
  • The Project Description File
  • The Project Database
  • Some selected time frames for the Atmospheric simulation data.

Extract all files into a subfolder of your recent workspace. Normally, a new project “2023_NYC_ColumbusC” should be registered automatically when you open one of the ENVI-met applciations. If the project is not recognised, you need to import it project using the Workspace Manger and make sure, that “Project uses a project database” is checked.

Link Content Comments
Columbus_modellfiles.zip Complete Package 2.9 GByte
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