There have been many hand and heads that contributed, so that this Hitchhiker's Guide to ENVI-met came finally had come into existance.
The work of the ENVI-met Team is listed in more detail in the Copyright section, so that this page is dedicated to the work of people apart of creating the content in itself.

Thank goes to:

  • The authors of DokuWiki who created the Wiki engine on which we run this Guide.
  • The authors of numerous DokuWiki Plug-In's used on this site. A complete list of all Plug-In's installed recently can be found at the very bottom of this page, including Michael Klier and others for writing the SIMPLE DokuWiki template on which the template envimet_simple used here is based. If you like to have the source files for our updated template, drop me an e-mail at office[at]
  • Armin for the 3D renderings and illustrations
  • Maren for converting the old WINDOWS help file into the Wiki syntax
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