Output Files: Solar access data (_SA_)

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Dimension Nr Variables Format
depends depends Binary (EDX/EDT)

Solar Access Data

Contains the solar access of the surface and buildings on March 21, June 21, September 23, December 21, and the start date of your simulation.

The solar access data files are produced at the beginning of the simulation.

Variable list

This list represents the general variable structure. The actual sequence of the variables might differ but the same information is stored in total.

Solar Access Surface (_SA_)

Variable Unit Description
z Topo m Description
Buildings Flag Description
Building Height m Description
Index z node Terrain - Description
Index z node Biomet - Description
z Biomet absolute m Description
SkyViewFactor - Description
Sun hours Terrain level DATE h Description
Shadow hours Terrain level DATE h Description
Sun hours Biomet level DATE h Description
Shadow hours Biomet level DATE h Description

Solar Access Building (_SAFAC_)

Variable Unit Description
Wall Sunhours DATE h Description
Wall Shadow hours DATE h Description
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