The ENVI-met Database System

All basic information such as material properties, soils or plants are defined in the ENVI-met database. Here you find a general overview of the Database concept an logic

Each ENVI-met database, System or User/Project, holds the following tables:

  • Soils: Properties of different natural and artificial soils
  • Soil Profiles:Different soil types as vertical sandwiches of soils
  • Materials: Basic collection of different materials that can be use in walls
  • Walls: Sets of building walls and roof composed out of 3 layers of different materials
  • Single Walls: Sets of single and thin walls consisting of one material
  • SimplePlants: Simple 1D plants such as grass.
  • 3D Plants: Complex 3D plants such as trees (managed in Albero).
  • Sources: Emission profiles for different pollutant sources.
  • Greenings: Greening layers for facade and rooftop greening.
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