ENVI-met Core

While ENVI-met comes with a variety of different programs, ENVI-met's core is the true workhorse of the bundle. In the core the real action takes place i.e. the high resolution microclimate simulation.

Simulation time

The simulation time mainly depends on a) the model area size, more explicitly its number of grids in x,y and z and b) on the PC's hardware. Due to the non-linear nature of the microclimate and the many interactions between atmosphere, buildings, surfaces and vegetation, accurately simulating the microclimate is very computational heavy. Especially large model areas benefit hugely from parallel processing i.e. the workload of simulating is distributed among all available cores of the model. So when ever you have the chance, you should enable multicore processing for the simulation. However, be aware, that for small model areas (less than 40 x 40 x 30 grids) single core processing might even be faster since the time needed to distribute the tasks to different cores might overcome the benefits of more cores working.

Either way, simulation time strongly depends on the hardware, the simulation settings (e.g. pollutant simulations with active chemistry take longer than standard simulations), and the model area. Even if the model area is rather small in its horizontal dimensions, many people want a very high resolution in vertical dimension as well and thus add 100 or even more Z cells. That massively increases the simulation time and is not necessary in most cases (see question “How do I find the best vertical gridding for my model area without the need of too much Z cells?” in Spaces section for more details).

Comand-line Version

A comand-line version (a version with no GUI) of ENVI-met core can be found in \win64: envicore_console.exe.

If you start envicore_console.exe without parameters, a dialog will ask you to specify the Workspace Folder, the Project Name and the .SIMX File to be used.

You can also pass these settings via the comand line using parameters (without “{})”:

envicore_console.exe {WorkspaceFolder} {ProjectName} {SIMXName}

The terminal output of the console application is limited compared to the information shown in the “normal” GUI Version.

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