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Format ID

To separate the chars belonging to different grid points, ENVI-met uses the so-called format ID.
This ID defines, how many chars are interpreted as one value in the matrix blocks. This is necessary because no other dividing information such as space is provided in these blocks.
For example “101010” can be interpreted as 10,10,10 as well as 1,0,1,0,1,0 or 101, 010.

Valid formats are


where 4Z and 5Z will not be created by the editor in the recent version. The string “-V3” signals ENVI-met that the file is in format version 3. Without “-V3” a format version 2 is assumed.

The format “2Z” for example tells ENVI-met, that TWO chars form one value (10,10,10 in the example above). “3Z”, “4Z” and “5Z” logically indicates 3,4 and 5-char numbers.
Obviously, the highest value that can be used with the “2Z” format is “99”. All numbers should be aligned to the right, to keep the file readable.


Defining the values 11,10,9 using different formats looks

in “2Z”: 1110.9
in “3Z” .11.10.9
in “4Z” ..11..10…9

where “.” means <SPACE>


It is often forgotten that this rule also applies to the beginning of each line. So don't write “0.0.0” when it is “.0.0.0”!

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