Atmospheric Receptor File: Data

This section describes the different data field found in the Atmospheric Receptor Files. Both receptor files, Snapshot and Time Series File, hold the same data fields (see Receptor Files).

Data contained in the Atmospheric Receptor Files:

Date - Date of the Model Time (String)
Time - Model Time of Clock at Output (String)
modTime min Model Time in min since Start
z m Model Height of Data
u m/s Wind Speed u-component
v m/s Wind Speed v-component
w m/s Wind Speed w-component
wSpeed m/s Total Wind Speed
wDir ° Wind Direction, 0=North, Rotation corrected
T K Air Temperature
dT/dt K/h Change of Air Temperature with Time (see Remark 1)
q g/kg Specific Humidity Air
q.rel % Relative Humidity Air
Km.vert m²/s Vertical Exchange Coefficient Impulse
Km.vert.nrm - Vertical Km normed with logarithmic law
Km.hor m²/s Horizontal Exchange Coefficient Impulse
E m²/s² Turbulent Kinetic Energy
e (eps) m³/s² Dissipation of TKE
TMRT K Mean Radiant Temperature
LAD m²/m³ Leaf Area Density
Tleaf K Leaf Foliage Temperature (0 if no leafs)
Hleaf W/m²2 Sensible Heat Flux from Leafs to Air (see Remark 2)
LEleaf W/m²2 Latent Heat Flux from Leafs to Air (see Remark 2)
RS m/s Stomata Resistance (0 if no leafs)
CO2 mg/m³ CO2 Concentration
CO2.flxmg/(kg*s) CO2 Flux at plants (if A-gs model used)
SW.dir W/m² Shortwave Direct Radiation (see Remark 3)
SW.dif W/m² Shortwave Diffuse Radiation
Press.p Pa Pressure Perturbation
Mass mg/m³ Mass Concentration
E.mech - Mechanical Production of TKE
Rlw.Warming K/h Air Temperature Change due to Longwave Flux Divergence
SVF.bldg - Sky-View Factor (only buildings)
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