Receptor Files

General Overview

The third important file group are the Receptor Files showing the state of the atmosphere, the surface and of the soil at selected points inside the model. This section lists the different variables stored in the Receptor Files.
The basic structure of the files is the same for the Atmosphere, the Soil and for the Surface Receptor Files, but the number and the type of data provided are different.

From the practical application, it has turned out, that it is useful to store the receptor data in two different ways:

  • a “Snapshot” File of the present model state at the receptors and
  • a “Time Series” File, where a time series is build during the Model Run

The “Snapshot” File is useful, if the model data at different receptors at the same time should be analysed. It would be inconvenient if one first has to delete all unneeded time steps in the file. One file is produced for EACH receptor at EACH output event produced.

On the other hand, one might be interested in the evolution of different variables at one point during the Model Run. In this case, the complete time series is needed.

ENVI-met produces both types of files (only for the Surface/Fluxes File there is no Snapshot File) which can result in a huge number of files created.

For a better organisation of these files, ENVI-met creates a sub folder for each receptor and stores it in the \receptors directory.

Name Conventions

Assuming that MySim is the base name of your recent simulation Output Files and r1 is one of the receptors used in the simulation, the following files are produced:

a: ATM <Date> <Time> MySim r1.dat
b: ATM MySim r1.dat

c: SOI <Date> <Time> MySim r1.dat
d: SOI MySim r1.dat

e: FLX MySim r1.dat

Files a) and b) contain the state of the atmosphere at receptor r1, whereas files c) and d) hold the state of the soil model and finally e) provides the surface state plus the fluxes at the surface.

The Snapshot Files show the state of the model at the time of saving. They can be identified simply, as they hold the Date and the Time in their filename. From the list above, a) and c) are Snapshot Files.

The Time Series Files contain the state of the model logged over the complete simulation time. Therefore they do not have a date or time in their name. (Files b), d) and e) from above.

All files will be stored in the \receptors\r1\ folder.

To find out more about the format and data found in the files, follow these links:

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