Overview over ENVI-met

This manual helps you to find your way through the new version of the microscale climate model.

The Interface

Who-is-who on the ENVI-met interface

Graphical overview over the data flow

Gives you an impression how the different files in ENVI-met work together

List of all files required/produced

A more detailed list on what is going in and coming out of ENVI-met

Overview over the general model design

Shows an overview over the main concept of ENVI-met and explains some of the vocabulary

Overview model run

Shows the different steps executed during the simulation and explains what they do Also, a lot of hints are given, which problems might occur and how they can be solved

Quick guide: Visualisation with LEONARDO

Gives a quick-and-dirty introduction on how to visualize ENVI-met data using the software LEONARDO

ENVI-met Knowledge Base Index

Gives answers to some specific questions when using ENVI-met

I hope that ENVI-met is a tool that suits your needs and I look forward to your comments, questions or money checks:

Mail to info@envi-met.com

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