Creating Time Series using Receptors

Purpose of Receptors

The standard output files provide data covering the complete model domain in two or three dimensions. Each time, the model saves its state, a new output file is created.
These files are handy for analyses of the spatial distribution of the different variables, but on the other hand, there are many thinkable situations, where the user is interested in the temporal development (time series) of variables at certain points inside the Model Area (e.g. to compare them with measurements). Collecting these point data using the standard Output Files is an undesirable task as the information needed is hidden between a lot of other data and spread over several files.

There are two ways to accomplish this task:

  1. Using the Time Series Tool in LEONARDO
  2. Using Receptors

LEONARDO Time Series Tool

The Time Series Tool can be accessed in LEONARDO by right-clicking in a 2D or 3D map onto a point or surface for which the time series shall be created and then select “Create Time Series…”. This function will collect all available data in the output folder. For a complete time series, the complete ENVI-met model output results should be available. The temporal resolution of the created time series is equal to the saving interval of the main output files (normally 1 hours or more).

More information can be seen in this video tutorial

Using Receptors

The concept of receptors allows to collect data for selected points in the model area in a compact way with a high resolution (normally at least 30 min).

For each receptor, a snapshot and a time series file is created. The Snapshot Files contain the data at the receptor at a given time e.g. a vertical profile in case of the Atmospheric File. The time series files contain the simulation data at the receptor for the complete simulation run.

The main advantage of using Receptors compared to the Time Series Tool is that they are available as text files without user interaction immediately after the model simulation. Also you can select a high temporal resolution (e.g 5 min or less) which will be impractical with the large 2D/3D files.

The disadvantage of Receptors is that they must be defined in the Area Input File before the simulation run, while the Time Series Tool can be applied to any grid after the simulation.

The Receptor Files are normal ASCII files which can be visualised with standard software products such as Excel.

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