A holistic microclimate model


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-====== Flow Problems ====== 
-===== Flow Problems: Reason and Handling ===== 
-With no doubt, flow problems are the number one troublemaker in simulations (at least since the turbulence model got the smart trouble shooting implemented).  
-Flow problems are indicated by the ENVI-met message 
-Updating Flow:    Cancelled after XXX Steps 
-Warning:          Flow Module failed to convert Solution! Increase Border Grids! 
-where XXX is the selected maximum amount of iteration steps (normally 200, see [[Interface]], [[Advanced Settings Panel]]). \\ 
-This message indicates, that ENVI-met is not able to calculate an accurate wind field in the given model constellation. As a result of this, the model is not [[mass conserving]] at one or more points and will probably produce some kind of fatal error in the next few calculation steps. \\ 
-Normally one or more of the following points are the reason for this problem: 
-  -  The [[Total Model Height|Model Height]] is not sufficient  
-  -  The amount of [[Nesting Grids]] is not sufficient  
-  -  The Model Geometry is too complex 
-In case of point 1 or 2, click on the link to hear more about the problem. \\ 
-In case of point 3, there is no general solution. Probably your model domain is very fragmented. Try to change the resolution of the model, simplify it or check, if a [[Model Rotation]] might improve the situation!