Output Files: Vegetation data (_VEG_)

*Work in Progress…*

Dimension Nr Variables Format
3D 30 Binary (EDX/EDT)

Vegetation Data

Contains the state of the vegetation for every simulation output.

The vegetation data files are produced each main output interval (default: 60 min) and represent the general state of the vegetation at the given model time.

Variable list

This list represents the general variable structure. The actual sequence of the variables might differ but the same information is stored in total.

Variable Unit Description
Objects - Description
Plant Index - Description
Plant Type ID - Description
Flow u m/s Description
Flow v m/s Description
Flow w m/s Description
Wind Speed at Vegetation m/s Description
Wind Speed Change at Vegetation % Description
Wind Direction at Vegetation deg Description
Local Drag at Vegetation N/m³ Description
Horizontal Drag at Vegetation N Description
Horizontal Drag at Vegetation Vertical Sum N Description
Air Temperature at Vegetation °C Description
Spec. Humidity at Vegetation g/kg Description
Relative Humidity at Vegetation % Description
TKE at Vegetation m²/m³ Description
Vegetation LAD - Description
Direct Sw Radiation W/m² Description
Diffuse Sw Radiation W/m² Description
Reflected Sw Radiation W/m² Description
Mean Radiant Temp. °C Description
Temperature Flux K*m/s Description
Vapour Flux g/kg*m/s Description
Water on Leafes g/m² Description
Leaf Temperature °C Description
Aerodynamic Resistance s/m Description
Stomata Resistance s/m Description
Plant CO2 Flux mg/(m²*s) Description
Plant Isoprene Flux mg/cell*h Description
PAR micro mol m-2 s-1 Description
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