Output Files: Surface/Flux data (_FX_)

*Work in Progress…*

Dimension Nr Variables Format
2D 37 Binary (EDX/EDT)

Radiation Data

Contains the state of the soil surface as an interface between the atmosphere and the soil model.

The surface data files are produced each main output interval (default: 60 min) and represent the general state of the surface at the given model time.

Variable list

This list represents the general variable structure. The actual sequence of the variables might differ but the same information is stored in total.

Variable Unit Description
Index Surface Grid - Description
Soil Profile Type - Description
z Topo m Description
Surface inclination ° Description
Surface exposition ° Description
Shadow Flag - Description
T Surface °C Description
T Surface Diff. K Description
T Surface Change K/h Description
q Surface g/kg Description
uv above Surface m/s Description
Sensible heat flux W/m² Description
Exchange Coeff. Heat m²/s Description
Latent heat flux W/m² Description
Soil heat Flux W/m² Description
Q_Sw Direct W/m² Description
Q_Sw Direct Horizontal W/m² Description
Q_Sw Diffuse Horizontal W/m² Description
Q_Sw Reflected Received Horizontal W/m² Description
Lambert Factor - Description
Q_Lw emitted W/m² Description
Q_Lw budget W/m² Description
Q_Lw Sum all Fluxes W/m² Description
Water Flux g/m² Description
Sky-View-Faktor - Description
Building Height m Description
Surface Albedo - Description
Deposition Speed mm/s Description
Mass Deposed µg/m² Description
z node Biomet - Description
z Biomet m Description
T Air Biomet °C Description
q Air Biomet g/kg Description
TMRT Biomet °C Description
Wind Speed Biomet m/s Description
Mass Biomet ug/m³ Description
Receptors - Description
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