Output Files: Soil data (_SO_)

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Dimension Nr Variables Format
3D 7 Binary (EDX/EDT)

Soil Data

Contains the state of the soil data for every simulation output. Note that the file is structured top to bottom: The first z is the first soil layer below the surface followed by the next deeper layer for z=2 etc.

The soil data files are produced each main output interval (default: 60 min) and represent the general state of the soil at the given model time.

Variable list

This list represents the general variable structure. The actual sequence of the variables might differ but the same information is stored in total.

Variable Unit Description
Temperature °C Absolute Temperature of soil layer
Volumetric Water Content m³(Water)/m³(Soil) Amount of liquid water per cube meter soil
Relative Soil Wetness related to sat % Amount of liquid water relative to the soils saturation value
Available Water Capacity % Plant usable water in soil layer in percent. (Amount of plant extractable water related to the maximum possible amount of plant extractable water Available_water_capacity) $$ AWC(rel) = \frac{ \theta- \theta_{pwp}} {\theta_{fc} - \theta_{pwp} } $$
Local RAD m²/m³ Root Surface Area per cube meter soil
Local RAD Owner - List index of plant “owning” the roots in this cell. (Only one plant can have roots in one cell. If several plants compete for one grid, the plant with the highest local RAD wins
Root Water Uptake g(Water)/m³(Soil)*1/s Water extracted by the plant root in this cell
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