Output Files: Inflow data (Inflow_)

*Work in Progress…*

Dimension Nr Variables Format
1D-Inflow 16 *.1D-file

Inflow Data

Contains the state of the 1D inflow border for every simulation output. Data is stored in a 1D field that can e.g. be opened with Microsoft Excel.

The Inflow data files are produced each main output interval (default: 60 min) and represent the general state of the 1D inflow at the given model time.

Variable list

This list represents the general variable structure. The actual sequence of the variables might differ but the same information is stored in total.

The *.1D output files contain the following parameters:

Variable Unit Description
Z m Description
U - Description
V - Description
T - Description
q - Description
Ri - Description
Km.vert - Description
E - Description
Eps - Description
E.prod - Description
E.therm - Description
E.Trans - Description
Rlw.warming - Description
Km.limit - Description
L.diag - Description
L.prog - Description
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