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Case Study: Painting LA Streets white

LA Model Area

L.A. model area to test the effect of white coated streets (552 m x 552 m).

In this case study, one of LA’s oldest neighborhoods, Angelino Heights, was simulated in order to analyze changes caused by different surface materials

Download Model Files

Here you can download the two L.A. models, one with dark streets and the other with white coated streets plus the associated .SIMX files:

Link Content Comments Model Files (Area Input File .INX plus Configuration .SIMX) Please extract into a folder in your workspace directory. → View File Reference

Download Sample Results

The model results below have been calculate using the full version of ENVI-met (BUSINESS/SCIENCE). The outputs generated by the free LITE version contain much fewer data.

Link Content Comments Atmosphere Data (3D Extract to disc and View with LEONARDO Building Data (Static & Dynamic) (3D Facade) Extract to disc and View with LEONARDO as Facade Data in 3D
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