A holistic microclimate model


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 <WRAP left round box 60%> <WRAP left round box 60%>
 +<fs xx-large>ENVI-met updates for version 4.4.5 (Summer 20)</fs>
 +<fs x-large>Major updates</fs>
 +== ENVI-core ==
 +  * New calculation method for pressure solver -> Increased stability significantly, reduced simulation crashes (especially instabilites in the Air Temperature, Humidity or CO2 fields). Old pressure solver can still be enabled in ENVI-guide.
 +  * Improved NetCDF outputs: Missing Values, Valid Ranges, GridMapping were added to each variable, dimension variables are tagges as axis variables, 2d fields of UTM coordinates including rotation are added
 +  * Added a check for necessary NetCDF Microsoft libraries during initialisation of simulation
 +== Other Apps ==
 +  * BIO-met: Enabled the possibility to write NetCDF outputs
 +  * SPACES: Added the option to allow simple changes in vertical gridding even when using Detailed Mode (3D) and to delete existing ghost cells of model areas by reconverting to 2.5D
 +  * ForcingManager: ForcingManager can be started using parameter values to create Forcing File (grasshopper plugin support)
 +  * MONDE: Additional export options for INX conversion (vertical gridding etc.)
 +<fs x-large>Bugfixes/ Changes</fs>
 +== ENVI-core ==
 +  * Bugfix DEM: Corrected waterspray units [ug/s] as input
 +  * Bugfix Radiation: Corrected shortwave radiation received on roofs
 +  * Bugfix: Wind field initialization
 +== Other Apps ==
 +  * SPACES: Bugfix: Fixed 3d view issue caused by trees
 +  * MONDE: Fixed OpenTopography import
 +  * MONDE: Builings in model areas featuring DEM don't have steps in the the roof anymore. Average height of DEM on built-up area is used to "elevate" buildings
 <fs xx-large>ENVI-met updates for version 4.4.4 (Winter 19/20)</fs> <fs xx-large>ENVI-met updates for version 4.4.4 (Winter 19/20)</fs>