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The ENVI-met Suite program Spaces makes it possible to digitize your raster-based model area directly in the program or optimize the model area previously created in Monde or other programs.

Initial Settings

As a first step after starting the program, you should, similar to most other ENVI-met Suite programs, pick the project will be working in. This way, the project-own materials will be available if you are using a project database.

When creating a new area, you are first prompted to set your Model Location. This is important as the local radiation during the simulation is calculated depending on the position on the earth. Please make sure to correctly adapt this setting.

The Model Geometry allows you to define the amount x, y, and z grids and their respective resolutions. It also gives you the option to use Splitting and/or Telescoping, two options which are further described here. Splitting allows for a better resolution towards the ground of the simulation area, leading to more accurate results here. Telescoping makes it possible to reach a higher overall height of the model area without adding too many z grids. The telescoping should only start at a height higher or equal to your highest building, so that the buildings are still gridded correctly.

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