DataStudio (BETA 2) for Python

DataStudio is your integrated workbench to use the power of Python to

  • Access, analyse and visiualize ENVI-met data
  • Program application behaviour and script application routines.

DataStudio is first released with ENVI-met V5 and is labelled BETA because many more options will come in the next ENVI-met updates. This includes both the functionality of DataStudio itself and also the number of application supporting DataStudio (LEONARDO at the moment).

Also DataStudio ships with a few sample scripts. This selection is very limited for the time being, but using “Scripts online” you will find a continiously growing collection of scripts for your application.

Please note that DataStudio is in BETA phase, so expect changes in the way it works that may break compatibility.

Getting to know DataStudio


Scripts for all apps

Other Resources

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