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-====== Batch Files .EBF ====== 
-===== Overview ===== 
-If you have several simulation tasks to do or you want to see your CPU glow, the best to do is to create an **ENVI-met Batch File** (.EBF).\\ 
-A batch file is a simple text-based list of up to 50 different [[Configuration File|Main Configuration Files]] that will be processed sequentially. 
-You can create an ENVI-met batch file with any text editor or use the standard configuration editor from ENVI-met. Please make sure that your file contains no formatting instructions or other non-text information. ​ 
-The file structure of the batch file is extremly simple: 
-00: A remark line 
-01: MyConfiguration1.cf 
-02: MyConfiguration2.cf 
-03: MyConfiguration3.cf 
-The first line is a remark line that will be ignored by ENVI-met.\\ 
-Then, a list of Main Configuration files follows. ENVI-met can store up to 50 simulation tasks in one batch file- that should be enough even for a longer weekend... 
-===== Using Batch files... ===== 
-The first step to do is to create the single configuration files and **test them individually** using the [[test model|Test Model Function]].\\ 
-Note, that if one of the files in your batch will cause ENVI-met to stop running, the remaining files will not be processed.  ​ 
-Then, create your batch file by writing up all the configuration names in the sequence you want them to be processed. You can add folder/path names, but the usage of [[Defining Alias MYALIAS.DAT|alias names]] is not allowed in the batch file itself. 
-To start your batch file, go to the [[Run Model|Control Panel]] and press //Run/Test Batch//: 
-{{ :​batchinterface.jpg?​nolink | ENVI-met Batch Files}} 
-The dialog lists all configurations in the batch file.\\ 
-If you are unsure if your files are all available now, you can press the //Test Files in Batch// button. This will work like the //Test// command for an individual file, but will process the whole batch file.\\ 
-If anything is fine, you can click //Start Batch// and leave the computer alone for some time.