A holistic microclimate model


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-====== Step 1: Getting started ====== ​ 
-Start LEONARDO or create a new empty map by using the "New Map"​-Button or the menu entry "File | New Map". 
-{{ :​newmap.jpg?​nolink |}} 
-Each map consists of **different layers of information** which can be switched on and of by clicking on the green or red dot beside the name of the map layer (see Step 7). 
-**The following layers are available:​** 
-|Data          |Displays Continuous Data (e.g. temperatures)| 
-|Special ​      ​|Displays Singular Data (e.g. buildings)| 
-|Vector ​       |Displays Vectors (composed out of  2 data fields, one for the x- the other for the y-component)| ​ 
-|Metafile ​     |Displays a WINDOWS-Metafile on the Map| 
-|Isoline ​      ​|Displays data as isolines (contour lines)| 
-|Symbol ​       |Displays data refering to 1 (or 100%) as an empty (0) to full (1 or 100%) circle (there are no real applications in ENVI-met for this layer type)| 
-Next Step: [[Step 2 - Using the DataNavigator|Using the DataNavigator]]