A holistic microclimate model


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-====== Special Layer ====== 
-The special layer is designed to display singular information in the map like buildings or plants. \\ 
-Different to the data layer, the value of any information stored on the special layer is a link to a special information. \\ 
-For example, the value „1" can identify a building on this grid. In order to display this information,​ you must link this value to a data set which defines the display color and the meaning to the information. \\ 
-To edit the Special layer settings, open the Settings 2D dialog and press the **Special Layer**-Tab. 
-{{ ::​specialsetup.jpg?​nolink |}} 
-In the screen shot above you see the default settings when visualising ENVI-met data files. \\ 
-The special information stored in ENVI-met data files contains information about the buildings and the leaf area density in divided into 6 classes. \\ 
-You can load the pre-defined dataset for ENVI-met by pressing the "​**ENVI-met defaults**"​ button. 
-To show a special in your map, select the "Show Special Layer"​-Option. \\ 
-LEONARDO provides a special key (legend) for the special layer. \\ 
-To include the key in the map, select the "​**Show Key**"​-Option. ​ 
-{{ ::​special2.jpg?​nolink |}}