A holistic microclimate model


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-====== [PMV] Section ====== 
-===== Purpose ===== 
-Besides of calculating pure meteorological data, ENVI-met also includes a simple biometeorological model to predict the **thermal comfort** inside the model area. The PMV (predicted mean vote) model is probably the best know biomet model. Based on Fangers (1972) model, it relates the energy balance of the human body to the personal comfort feeling of persons exposed to the corresponding climates. ​ 
-Click [[pmv, ppd|here]] to get more information on the PMV model. 
-To use the PMV-model, you need to add the "​PMV"​-section to the .CF file: 
-00: [PMV] ______________Settings for PMV-Calculation 
-01: Walking Speed (m/s)                          0.0 
-02: Energy-Exchange (Col. 2 M/A)                 116 
-03: Mech. Factor ​                                0.0 
-04: Heat transfer resistance cloths ​             0.5 
-===== What do the lines mean? ===== 
-=== 01: Walking Speed === 
-Speed of the reference person walking around. 
-=== 02: Energy Exchange === 
-The energy exchange inside the human body is a function of the metabolic rate and the mechanical work by the body.\\ ​ 
-[[energy exchange|Click here to get more information about typical values for Energy Exchange]]. 
-=== 03: Mechanical Factor === 
-Ration between work and metabolism. See //[[Energy Exchange]]//​ for values. 
-=== 04: Heat transfer resistance cloths 
- === 
-Insert the //clo// value averaged over the whole body. [[clo-values|Click here to see a list of typical clo-values]]