Preview Solar Radiation


This dialog allows to preview the solar radiation values that will be used by ENVI-met in the actual simulation. In addition, the user can test the effects of different solar adjustment factors on the radiative fluxes.

The left hand side of the dialog shows the following information for the hours form 4 a.m. to 21 p.m. of the first day of the simulation:

  • Sun height in degrees (0°= horizon)
  • Sun azimuth in degrees (180°= South)
  • Shortwave direct radiation in [W/m²] on a surface perpendicular to the incoming sun (maximum possible value of direct radiation)
  • Shortwave direct radiation in [W/m²] on a horizontal surface
  • Shortwave diffuse radiation in [W/m²] on an non-obstructed horizontal surface
  • Global radiation in [W/m²] on a horizontal surface

On the right hand side, the last three components are displayed as graphs.

When opening the dialog, the adjustment value shows the actual value stored in the [SOLARADJUST] Section (or the default value of 1). You can modify this value to see the effects on the radiative fluxes. Press “Update” to refresh the tabular and the graph.

Changing the adjustment value in this dialog has no effect on the actual simulation!
The intention of this dialog is to provide a quick tool to find out if and how much the solar adjustment should be used to fit the ENVI-met radiation values to your observed values.
After you have found an appropriate value, you must use the [SOLARADJUST] Section in the Configuration File in order to use this value in a simulation.
All changes done in this dialog will be lost after closing the dialog!

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